Jolie M

Thank-you for participating in the 2014 Coeur d'Alene Parks Day Celebration! Your photos are available for download below. When you download your file, it will be in a ZIP file containing two folders. The photos in the "print" folder are large files suitable for having printed at home or at your favorite photo processing store. We recommend having the photos printed at Fred Meyer or Costco, however other stores offer printing services including Walmart, Walgreens and many others. The photos in the "web" folder are smaller files that are great for viewing on the computer, mobile device or uploading to social media websites.

Download Photos

You may freely copy, print and use these photos for any personal use. Some photo printing locations may request proof of copyright before proceeding with printing your photos. Please save the card you were given at Parks Day, as it will provide proof that you do have permission to have the photos printed.

If you need specialty prints of your photos, please contact for information on our specialty printing services. We offer many types of artistic print types including canvas, metal and large-format prints.

If you have any difficulty downloading or viewing your images, please contact Stan at the above email address. We hope you enjoyed Parks Day and have fun with your photos!

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