VHS to DVD Transfer - 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Day 10 of the 29k Productions 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Many people in the Coeur d'Alene area have old VHS tapes lying around that they simply don't watch, because they no longer have a VHS player or it is simply too inconvenient to scan through VHS tapes anymore. Over time, VHS tapes also degrade in quality with each play, and even as they're stored. Once a VHS video is transferred to DVD, it retains its quality in digital form, and is easier to copy and share with others.

Today's Christmas sale gives you the opportunity to transfer your old VHS tapes to DVD and preserve your old family memories, making them easier to watch and share. We're offering 25% off our regular prices for VHS to DVD transfer from today through December 19, and if you have 2 hours or less of video to transfer, it's guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas (if you're within the Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls area).

Recently, we lowered our VHS transfer price to $19.99/hour of video +$10/DVD. And now you get 25% off of that price!

Our VHS to DVD service includes:

  • complete video transfer from VHS to DVD
  • transfer using S-video for the highest-possible quality
  • labeled DVD ($10/ea)
  • your choice of simple menu or immediate play
  • up to four hours of video per DVD

And of course, all of our services including VHS transfer come with complimentary secure archiving so you will always be able to get additional copies of your video if your DVD is lost or damaged, or you simply want additional copies.

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