Slide Scanning Available

29k Productions operates with a Nikon Super Coolscan slide scanner which allows us to scan 35mm slides at extremely high resolutions. Your slide is scanned at 4000 dpi true optical resolution in 16 bit color, allowing for optimal color correction, dust removal, or other minor touchups that may be needed to bring your slides into the digital world.

Our scanning process produces an image that is up to 5782x3946 pixels, or approximately 22.8 megapixels

We strive to produce the best possible result from your slides, individually color correcting as necessary, and taking care to scan slides to help correct issues they may have. Recently we had an order to scan several thousand slides taken in the 1970's, many of which were damaged by age, or that had not been taken under the best circumstances.

The photo to the left is a slide from that batch, scanned at default settings, as it would appear when projected. The one to the right is the same slide re-scanned and color corrected to a better representation of how the original colors would have appeared.

29k Productions offers a number of options for how slide scans can be presented to you from a USB drive or DVD with the high-resolution scans on it to a tasteful video slideshow set to music which you can play in any DVD player. Furthermore, all slides we scan are automatically preserved with our secure backup service.

In addition to slide scanning, we also scan negative filmstrips for digital preservation with the same superb quality as slides.

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