Secure Backup & Archiving

29k Productions takes care of your precious photos and videos! We do daily backups of our computers to a secure on-site server with a double-redundant RAID configuration. Although hard drive failure is becoming more rare in the computer world, it can still happen, and we want to ensure that your important files are not lost. Our backup system regularly scans its hard drives for signs of failure and warns us if any hard drives in the array are experiencing health issues, giving us adequate warning before the event. Even if hard drive failure were to occur, our backup server can lose any two of its hard drives without data loss!

In addition to being stored on the secure on-site server, we regularly back up files to an external hard drive for archiving. These archival hard drives are stored in a secure, off-site, climate-controlled vault, protecting your photos and videos in the unlikely event anything were to happen to our on-site backup server.

This backup and archival process ensures that your investment in our services will never be lost. If your CD or DVD with 29k Productions work on it is lost, stolen, or destroyed--or even if you just need more copies--we can always make a new copy for you. If you need additional edits to your photos or videos, we can help without having to reshoot, rescan, or re-create any part of the existing project.

Even better, this service is free and automatic for our customers. We charge no up-front costs for backing up and archiving your files. The only costs involved are the cost of media (CDs or DVDs) for making additional copies. If you request files after more than 6 months of archival storage there is a $25 charge to help offset the costs of storage. After 1 year there is a $50 charge. However, if you never need to request archived files, there is never a charge! And you can always rest easy knowing your photos and videos are safe.

Although we do our best to ensure the safety and security of your files as described above, no backup solution can ever be 100% guaranteed, but we believe our solution is just about as secure as you can possibly get and will always be there for you no matter what happens.

Although we have not yet had any customer opt out of our backup service, we do offer the ability to opt out. If you choose to do so, simply let us know, and we will remove any and all of your files from our backups and archives.

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