New Senior Portrait Rules at Coeur d'Alene High School

On May 10, 2012, Coeur d'Alene High School sent out a notice to the 2013 Seniors and their parents that clarifies their rules on the Senior Portraits submitted for the yearbook. You can read the older (and much shorter) list of rules for 2012 Seniors here.

For clarification, I have bolded the new rules.

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General Information

  • Professional portraits are not required; all seniors have the option to use their school photo.
  • Professional senior portraits can be used to replace the school portrait.
  • Student names will be listed as their legal name on file with the school. Sorry, no exceptions.
  • The photo can be used legally for identification purposes.

Photo Standards

  • Wallet size of 2X3 inches at 300dpi - larger file size better
  • Include only the senior (no props, animals, or other people)
  • Vertical shot from the shoulders up (Horizontal portraits will not be published). No full length shots.
  • Can be inside or outside shot
  • No soft focus
  • Basic frontal view
  • Professional quality (school photo will be used if portrait submitted is not professional quality/resolution)
  • Name submitted with picture MUST be the legal name on file with the school
  • Portraits may be cropped to fit

Dress Code

  • School dress code will be enforced. Please review the dress code online in its entirety here:
  • Not following the dress code will prevent your portrait from being published. Notifications will not be given. Your school picture will be used instead.

Submission format/instructions

  • Students are responsible for supplying this submission information to their photographers.
  • All photos must be submitted by email to
  • Files submitted by email will receive a confirmation email from the yearbook adviser
  • Digital portraits must be at least 300dpi in jpeg format (cell phone photos and facebook files will not work).
  • Pictures will not be accepted via hard copy prints
  • The deadline for portrait submission is Friday September 21, 2012

The most recent, available ID photo will be used in place of a senior portrait if a senior portrait is not submitted by the deadline or does not meet the above criteria. Final say on the appropriateness of all senior pictures is left to the discretion of the administration. Only students who are currently enrolled at CHS by the photo deadline will be included in the senior portraits section of the yearbook. The yearbook staff reserves the right to crop the picture as needed.

A list of senior names who have submitted professional portraits by the deadline will be outside room 601 and will be updated weekly starting with the first week of school. Please allow 24 hours for your name to appear. If your name does NOT show up on the list, please email again. CHS can’t be responsible for not publishing your professional photo if your name is not published on the list.

Overall, most senior portraits taken by professional photographers will meet these standards. 29k Productions always provides your full-resolution photos on a CD so you can have them to print or give to the school whenever you like! And while the rules such as "No full length shots" do apply to the photo you submit for the school, they certainly don't apply for the rest of your photos, so you can get as creative as you like!

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