Metal Prints - 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Day 2 of the 29k Productions 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Photo prints on metal are a unique way to give photos to your loved ones this Christmas, and we can use your existing photos for this artistic gift, whether the photos were taken by us or by you.

Our metal prints are available at a 10% discount from December 3 - December 10 and are guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas.

Metal prints are made with durable aluminum and are easy to clean. Since the print is embedded into the surface of the metal, you can quickly spray your metal photo with window cleaner and wipe away any fingerprints or dust without the worry of damaging the image. Metal prints give you an ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface that is waterproof and weatherproof.

Our metal prints are available in four finishes: High Gloss, Sheer Gloss, Satin and Sheer Matte.

WIth the High Gloss finish, your photo shines from the metal with each color recreated faithfully and a polished mirror-like surface.
The Sheer Gloss finish brings the same polished surface as High Gloss, but allows the metallic color to shine through, giving your picture an artistic, luminescent feel.
Our metal prints Satin finish recreates the same true colors as High Gloss, but without the shine, lending a classic matte finish to your photo.
Sheer Matte really connects you to the metal, using a matte surface and letting the color of the metal free a unique and very raw feeling with your print.

Metal prints are very durable and artistic--they'll last for generations. And they make great gifts for anyone in your family.

Our sale prices with the 10% discount are:

  • 5"x7" - $35.99
  • 8"x10" - $44.99
  • 12"x12" - $53.99
  • 16"x16" - $67.49
  • 16"x20" - $103.49

Additional sizes are available, please contact us for pricing.

For more information and to order your metal prints, contact

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