High Quality Digital Scans

29k Productions provides a high-quality scanning service for both printed photos and 35mm slides, helping you preserve your family's memories for generations to come.

Your family memories saved in photos are important, and they should be preserved for future generations. With high quality scans from 29k Productions, your memories will last forever. It can be difficult to save your old slides and printed photos in the long term.

Preserving your Old Photos Part 1
Preserving your Old Photos Part 2

29k Productions scans your old photos at 600 DPI, preserving the details for future printing and also provides digital restoration of antique photos where needed. Your slides are scanned at 4,000 DPI and optically color-corrected for the maximum possible quality. We know the personal value your family's precious photos have to you and treat each photo carefully and individually for the best-possible reproduction. Additionally, your photos are added to our secure archive backup, ensuring that your photos are preserved forever, even if something happens to your computer or backup disk in the future.

29k Productions protects your important photos and scans them non-destructively, ensuring that your original copy is not affected by the preservation process.

  • Unlimited number of slides or photographs
  • Individual color correction (photo repairs offered, contact us for details)
  • Cropping/resizing
  • Images saved to CD/DVD
  • Price: $1/slide or photo, $5/CD or $10/DVD
  • For runs of more than 140 slides or photos, the DVD(s) with your images are free!

For more information, shipping or pickup information, contact Stan@29kProductions.com

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