Feel the spring?

I couldn't resist last week, going out to just do some more landscape photos out at the lake as the first hints of true spring came out. Next time you're out for a walk, look carefully, the trees are budding, and the first flowers are growing. The weather has been beautiful, and 29k Productions is ready to get into action with the summer wedding season and senior portrait times coming up!

In fact, as an official welcome to spring, we're offering a special deal to seniors. The next five seniors-to-be who schedule their senior portrait shoot with 29k Productions will receive a 25% discount from our regular fee, PLUS a $25 gift card which can be applied to either their own shoot or given to a friend who is getting senior portraits with 29k.

Weddings are cost-heavy endeavors, and we're working to mitigate that for all the couples out there. If you hire 29k Productions for your Wedding Video, we'll provide you a $25 discount for every other couple you recommend us to who also hires us for their wedding video. They'll also receive $25 off!

So give us an email or a call, to schedule your consultation or shoot, and pass a little savings on to your friends too!


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