Favorite Photo Locations and How to Find Them

"Where do you find a place to take that photo?"

It's a question I'm asked more often than I ever expected. Great photo opportunities exist throughout Coeur d'Alene, and throughout Idaho for that matter. Sometimes they just jump out at you, and other times they require a little time.

I'll get into a discussion on how to choose a location for portraits in a future blog. In this one I'll focus on finding good places to shoot landscape and "feature" photos in and around Coeur d'Alene.

When finding new photo locations one of your first resources should be looking at other photographers' work. Not only will you receive new ideas and inspirations for your photos, but you'll also spot land marks that will show you were they found their perfect shot.

A good example of this is my shot of the 2008 lunar eclipse over Coeur d'Alene.

In the image you can see the Coeur d'Alene Resort and other recognizable landmarks. You can also see that I was far away and out in the lake. In this particular case I was able to walk out onto a sand bar revealed by the low water levels in winter. By examining the layout of the city you can ascertain a fairly exact location from which I took the photo.

But what if the photo doesn't contain a recognizable landmark, or it's just too difficult to tell the exact place from which the photo was taken? That's the reason I use Flickr and try to tag images with a location.

This image doesn't give a clue as to where it was shot. But if you visit it on flickr (click the image to go there) you'll see a map on the right-hand side. When you hover over the map it'll zoom in to show you the exact location I took the photo. This is an extremely useful tool when you're looking for new locations for your photography, and I encourage every photographer to geotag their photos as a courtesy whenever possible. This feature also helps visitors to the area find places they want to explore.

A second option is to ask around for good locations to shoot photos. Virtually everyone will have a few favorite locations they'll be happy to tell you about. I happily share the locations for most of my photos, except for those which are taken in private homes or from private property that the owner doesn't wish to have disclosed. It's just good practice to help other people out in finding nice locations.

I've done a lot of photography around Coeur d'Alene, but my favorite spots remain Tubbs Hill, the Cougar Bay Wildlife Preserve, and the Rathdrum Prairie near the Coeur d'Alene Airport. Time and again I find myself at these locations. Not only do these locations provide beautiful photo ops, but they also give me an opportunity to try out new photo techniques and get a fresh perspective on things I've taken pictures of before.

Finally, I have to say the best way to find good photo locations is to walk or drive around looking for them. Many of my favorite locations have been found just by walking around the city or taking a drive on some back roads outside of town.

Don't be afraid to explore! There's an entire world of great photo locations available out there.

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