About Us

29k Productions grew out of two friends' passion for creating visual art. Stan Drennan and Matt Jensen met in high school and continued their pursuit of education in Northwest Nazarene University's Film Studies program.

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Stan Drennan

Stan has been involved in video production for 17 years and photography for 12. His involvement in media production grew into a passion for showing all aspects of life, environment, and humanity through writing, photography and cinematography. He has extensive experience with capturing Story in any medium. When not working on company projects, Stan busies himself with experimental media including machinima and stop animation.

Matt Jensen

Matt's experience with visual media production is extensive with the NNU film studies program. His education also includes a background in computer technology, giving him a unique edge on 3D animation and digital editing. Matt also brings a great knowledge of the music field.

John Ammon

John is a designer who has worked in professional design for seven years, including designing for the web and print needs of one of the largest digital press printing companies in the United States. His specialty is logo design, but he also has an active interest in web design and is constantly working on new challenges in that field.

Bob Ammon

Bob is a photographer with experience in portrait and landscape photography, but his true interest lies in photojournalism--capturing people, animals, events, just as they are without interference.

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