Winter Photography Part 3

The changeover from Daylight Saving Time to standard time always brings to mind the short, cold days of winter we have here in North Idaho, which is what makes me want to talk about winter photography again.

Of course, you'll remember last year I talked about Winter Photography Tips Part 1 and Part 2.

In those blogs I covered a lot of aspects of photography during Coeur d'Alene's long, cold winters. This year I want to touch on a couple of other quick points, namely time of day and staying a little warmer by finding indoor photo opportunities during the cold months.

In the winter, Coeur d'Alene ends up with a little as 8 hours per day of light, often filtered through thick cloud cover. Between work, school, home and family obligations it becomes difficult to find daylight hours in which to shoot photos. However, one thing you can do is take advantage of the short days for sunrise and sunset photos. All throughout December, sunrise in Coeur d'Alene is right about the time most people start heading to work. On December 1 it's at 7:16a and on December 31 it's at 7:36a. So if you have a few extra minutes before work or school you have an opportunity to head out to your favorite location and snap some pictures of the sunrise, which can be gorgeous with the mix of pink and blue tones reflecting off the snow. Often throughout the winter you will also find that the moon will still be above the horizon at that time, giving you the chance to get a cool picture of the moon over snowy landscapes.

Winter also gives you the opportunity to play with light on ice and snow crystals and on trees, fences and other objects covered in frost.

Another often overlooked aspect of winter photography is night time photos. Of course you need to stay safe out there on the icy roads and in snowy conditions, so take appropriate precautions. But in the winter the moon's light reflecting off the snow often provides more than enough light to get some absolutely gorgeous photos, especially when you do long exposures.

Sometimes it just seems better to curl up at home with a nice warm cup of tea while watching the snow fall outside. If you can spare a few moments you'll often find photo opportunities around your own home during the winter that just aren't available during the other seasons. Winter is a time for warm drinks and baking. You can get some great practice in macro and close-up photography by taking pictures of steam rising above a cup of hot cider or capturing the feeling of the season by getting a few photos of cookies fresh out of the oven. Winter is also a great time to focus on pictures of the people who are close to you. Nothing beats the smile of a child with a ruddy face from playing in the snow as he or she takes the first sip of hot chocolate with marshmallows. One of my favorites (because the internet can never have enough cat pictures) is to take pictures of cats all curled up in front of the warm fireplace. Another great fireplace photo that really speaks to the season is seeing coats, gloves and scarves laid out nearby to dry.

Although winter can feel like it puts a stop to photography, there are non-stop opportunities indoors and out for your shutter-clicking pleasure. We'd love to see some of the winter photos you get this year and we invite you to share them with us on our twitter, @29kProductions or our Facebook page.

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